Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm back again...

So I have been absent for a while but have had a lot to deal with so I went into hiding. But I am back...

As you know I have been going to Curves and I have decided to do their diet and see how I go. They have the two options one higher carb and one higher protein. So I am going the higher protein option as this works for me and I dont feel as hungry either.

So the way they have set it up is you do a week of 1200 calories based on their menu or exchange tables, then 23 days of 1800 calories followed by two to four weeks of 2000 to 2500 calories. If in the final stage you put on more than 1.5kg you go back to the 1200 calories until you lose it again and then go back to 2000 to 2500. The theory behind it is by the time you lose the weight you want to lose your body is use to burning the higher amount of calories and you are not stuck on a low calorie diet for the rest of your life. In this you can also eat as many of the free items they have listed as you like i.e salad, veges etc.

I like the theory behind the way it works and the fact that it changes and you get to eat a variety of things. Plus after the thirty days you go back to normal eating for a couple of weeks. So I have started it today with the 1200 calories and we will see how we go.

I have been very slack since I started this whole thing but it needs to happen now more than ever.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I have been slack again...

and not posted for a while. I have however continued to do my excercise but have not been so good at the diet side.

I have been doing a lot of research lately into sleep apnea and talking to doctors and experts in the field etc. And I found out some really interesting stuff being that my higher blood pressure is caused from the sleep apnea because the oxygen levels in my body are so low my blood pressure goes up to help combat this. It also makes your stress hormone levels increase as well as your insulin levels which makes it difficult to lose weight. So all of my issues are in one little bundle of stopping breathing when I am asleep.

At least I know now that I am not falling apart and that once I go on the CPAP machine all of these things should rectify themselves and I should lose some weight. Yay!

I must say though those machines are damn expensive and you can't hire them out indefinately so it means I need to purchase one. At least they offer interest free payment plans.

So it is only onwards and upwards from here. I am also thinking of following the Curves diet plan but that is another post.

See you soon