Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Week Eight!!

So 8 weeks in or technically 9 because I re did a week. I have lost a total of 7.8kg on WW. With this weeks loss 1kg exactly.

I am getting so very close to the 10kg mark and I am excited to reach this as I am then a third of the way to my goal.
I do think though that I definitely need to get back to the exercise and am thinking it is time to go back to Curves to at least help me tone! I just don't seem to be losing the centimetres.

That's it for this week. How are you all going?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The big question... What size am I?

Last night after a day of constantly pulling my jeans up I went through my "skinny" clothes in my wardrobe to see if one of my many other pairs of jeans would do up.

I sorted them in size as I have a few different sizes and tried the 18's on first as this was the size of the ones I am now trying to keep up. I had one other size 18 jeans and 3/4 pants so I pulled them out and tried them on. Well the 3/4 pants would barely go over my ass but not to be disappointed I tried on the jeans and these were worse.

I still kept looking though as I knew there was a pair of jeans there somewhere that would be close to fitting as I was trying to get into them a couple of years ago when I was about this weight. I even found clothes I had forgotten I had!

Anyway long story short I finally found a pair that pulled up and did up even. They are still a tad too tight but they do up and gives me something new to achieve. And these are a size 16! How can the sizes be so very different? These jeans are a stretchier material than the others but still. It just doesn't make any sense.

I have other clothes that are a bigger size and I couldn't even get them up my legs. It makes it so hard when you go shopping and it gets you down when you know you are normally an 18 but you have to buy a 22 to get it to fit. I have so many different sizes in my wardrobe now that I can fit into and they range from a 16 to a 22. How do I know what size I am? How do you? How can sizes differ so much between shops? Isn't each size the same measurements everywhere?

So many questions and no answer. On the upside though I think it is just about time to retire my current pair of jeans as I can pull them off without undoing them now.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is hard work!!!

I have decided that losing weight is hard work. It is like a second job and one you think about constantly... Well I do anyway.

I had a great week last week but the previous three I hadn't lost anything and this week I have found it hard so far to stay motivated to eat well. I have been keeping myself in check although I did treat myself with a piece of cheesecake on Monday night as I had been craving it all last week and I had told myself if I get through the week then I will have it on Monday so I did.

And let me tell you it was awesome but I found I didn't even need to eat it all half was enough which is amazing as I looooooooooooove cheesecake. Not really the best thing to say when I am talking about weight loss but I even planned for it so I had enough points in my daily allowance that day to cover for it. Yay!

But I find it hard work. Does anyone else feel this way? I am determined to lose the weight to a point where I feel comfortable. I am not sure I will ever be in the healthy weight range for my height because my family is just not made that way but I want to be a healthy comfortable weight for me! So that is what I am aiming for that and to get my health back on track.

I am going to hang in there and I find Weight Watchers very easy to maintain I just get very frustrated and wish it would all disappear already! At least the first 10kg mark would be wonderful.

Maybe I am looking at this the wrong way. Maybe I need to think it is easy and it will happen. How do you think of it to get you through?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 7

This week I decided enough was enough. I had sat around the same weight for three weeks and was getting very annoyed with it. So as you know I was determined to not go over my daily points at all for seven days. And guess what I didn't.

I also said I would start excercising but I didn't do that. I find it hard to get into excercising but when I do I enjoy it. I just need to make the first step. How do you motivate yourself to excercise because I find this the hardest thing to do?

So the results for this weeks hard work.... Can you guess? I wonder if I should play a game and give you a hint like it was more than 1kg but less than 2kg. Did you guess the right number?

I LOST A MASSIVE 1.8KG this week. I am now down to 107.7kg and have lost a total of 6.8kg since doing Weight Watchers.

I am actually a little stunned as I didn't think I was eating a lot of bad food and I was still writing everything down and counting the points but obviously I had let some things slide here and there.

So what I learnt this week was:
  • Bulk up the free veges with dinner and this way you are fuller for longer after dinner and don't snack
  • It is not hard to say no when you have a time frame on it. A couple of times I said to myself - no you can't have that today but if you still want it then you can have it on Monday. I find this works.
  • You shouldn't weigh yourself everyday. I have been really bad at doing this of late and I should just wait until the week is over.
What are your tips for successful weight loss?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Daily Points

My goal this week was to make sure I ate within my daily points allowance for the entire 7 days. Not to go over them once. I have been sticking to this so far and the fact that I said I would share what I ate was a big contributing factor particularly yesterday when I was craving something bad.
On that note why do we crave greasy foods? I was once told that we crave oily, greasy food if you need Omega 3 or your essential fatty acids. I have never tried supplements for this but maybe I should. Anyway that is a conversation for another time.

Here is what I have eaten each day for the last three days. Just so you know my current WW points allowance is 38 which is very easy to stay within.


45g Kellogs Sultana Buds - 4 points
Skim Milk - 1.5 points

Morning Tea
Strawberries - Nil
Cup of Tea with skim milk & 1 sugar - 1 point

Snack to keep me going until lunch
Le Rice - Caramel - 4 points

Lean Cuisine Indian Chicken Tikka Masala - 10 points (FYI this was awesome for a frozen meal)

Afternoon Tea
Mandarine - Nil

200g chicken breast - 7 points
Satay Sauce - 5 points
Oriental Fried Rice 45g cooked - 4 points
Lots of veges - Nil

Fluids - 2 litres of water
Total Points 36.5


45g Kellogs Sultana Buds - 4 points
Skim Milk - 1.5 points

Morning Tea
Strawberries - Nil
Cup of Tea with skim milk & 1 sugar - 1 point

Snack to keep me going until lunch
Le Rice - Plain - 4 points

2 x pieces of white bread - 4 points
1 x slice of light cheese - 2 points
100g savoury mince - 5 points
Toasted with no butter
Can of pepsi max - Nil

Afternoon Tea
Mandarine - Nil

T-Bone 215g cooked - 13.5 points
Lots of veges - Nil

Fluids - 2 litres of water
Total Points 35


45g Kellogs Sultana Buds - 4 points
Skim Milk - 1.5 points

Morning Tea
Pear - Nil
Cup of Tea with skim milk & 1 sugar - 1 point

Snack to keep me going until lunch
Mandarine - Nil

200g savoury mince - 10 points
120g cooked spaghetti - 6 points
Light Cheese - 3 points

Afternoon Tea
Mandarine - Nil

250g Lenards Honey Chicken Stirfry - 6 points (FYI this is also really yummy and quick to cook)
Extra veges - Nil
100g cooked rice - 5 points

Fluids - 2 litres of water
Total Points 36.5

So that is it so far this week. I have been weighing everything and bulking up meals at night with veges as I was having a snack after dinner before and I am trying to cut that out. I have also been having a snack around midday to extend my lunch out a bit further so I am not so hungry by the end of the day.

I also tend to over estimate the points then under. I don't measure the milk in my cereal in the morning and 1 point for the milk and sugar in my tea is probably double what it should be but I like to build in the buffer a little bit.

I do have a question though for those WW people out there I have been looking in the book but can't seem to see it but how do you calculate cooked pasta and rice. I have only found dry quantities in there which makes it hard when you are cooking for more than one person. I have just been having the same amount but halving the points as it usually doubles when cooked. Is this right? Any assistance would be appreciated.

So there you have it. I will be back later in the week to share the rest. Bye for now!

Ninjago Lego

So I am going out of my box here and not talking about weightloss and going to talk about something else on this blog. I have often thought about it but thought it just didn't fit right but lots of people do it so I decided what the hell. This way I have more to write about.

So here we go as of late I have started to think of Christmas presents for our neices and nephews. I know it is super early but I always leave it until the last minute and we are saving to go on a long planned holiday next year so are madly saving for that. Anyway I was checking out this new Ninjago Lego for our nephews who are 10 and 11 at the shop and couldn't work out how it worked as there was a game involved there somehow.

So I googled it and it actual kinda cool, you can buy a starter pack which gives you two characters, a fighting ring as such, fighting tools, a character card and four battle cards for each character. And you fight with them using whatever tools are on your card and using the battle cards.

And the best part about it I think is I can buy the starter pack for $30 and then you can just collect your characters and battle cards as you go along and buy one everyone now and then for not a lot of money. They also have extra buildings etc that you can buy for different "fighting scenes" as well so you can really spend as much or as little as you want. So I am first checking that one of them doesn't have any of this as they don't live near us and then I might buy some every now and then leading into Christmas and it won't break my budget.

I can't wait though I want to play with it. We all know kids love lego. Even big kids like me!! Who else out there loves lego? It has been so long since I played with it. We always end up playing with the kids toys at Christmas time it is so much fun!!

PS: This is not a sponsored post it is just something I thought I would share.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 6 Take Two

This week I re-did week 6 on my WW journey and I think I did well in getting back on track and sticking to my points. I did use some of the pro points but only 19 of them and if I had something high in points I tried to counteract it with something low for another meal.

But when I got on the scales this morning my weight hadn't changed it is still the same 109.5kg it was about two weeks ago and I am starting to get very frustrated.

I have been slack and haven't started excercising so this week is the week. I am going to get back on the tready and restart the C25K challenge. And I am not going to go over my dialy points allowance once at all in the next seven days. I want to see if this makes a difference. If not well I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. But I need to kick start this losing weight again cause I have sat around this five kilo loss for a while now.

So wish me luck for the week. I will keep you posted as I go. I might even share with you what I have eaten each day which will help keep me on track.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 6

Well week 6 didn't really happen. As I mentioned last week I was sick and just didn't have the energy by the time I got home to bother cooking so I am giving myself a mulligan (a do over) for week 6 in the coming week.

I also kind of lost my motivation but had a well timed visit to the naturopath/iridologist on Saturday and got some long awaited news. EVERYTHING IS NORMAL!!!

It has taken me a good twelve months to get to this point and I had wondered if it was worth keeping going but sometimes it is almost like a therapy session just to get things off your chest that are bothering you and why isn't is working etc etc. But we finally made it.

And basically it comes down to Weight Watchers. I had an appointment the Saturday before I started and my zinc, potassium, iron levels were low. My sugar was irratic along with a few other issues and this time they were all up and balanced. My thyroid has even come back it is no longer underactive.

This is a huge relief because for me this journey is not just about the weight loss and more about getting myself healthy as I felt as though I was falling apart at a young age and wondered what it would be like in ten years time. This I think really is the key. The weight loss should be a by product of getting healthy not the sole focus.

So I am determined to definately get back on track. The next goal is to hit the 10km loss mark and hopefully fit into another pair of jeans.

I am going to use this as my motivation to keep on going!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back on track

I didn't have the best week last week but as I said I was pretty happy to stay the same but I was feeling very unwell yesterday as I think I am getting the flu so I ate whatever I wanted and wasn't stopping. I was going to continue today but I was laying in bed this morning and forced myself on the scales to see what yesterday had done to my weight.

So today I am back on track. I still feel very unwell and would dearly love to go back to bed but we are short staffed at work again so that is not going to happen. So I have had eggs on toast for breakfast and I am determined to be good today and for the rest of the week. I am hoping I start to feel better soon too as I still am yet to make it on the treadmill.

This in itself is a big achievement because previously I probably would have gone on for a week like this and put on a ridiculous amount of weight and gone whatever. But I have worked way to hard over the last five weeks to let it go now and I am loving that my clothes are fitting better and people are commenting which is nice.

So I am thinking I need to make a trip to the shop and buy some oranges and eat these over having orange juice as they have no points and drink lots of tea... but I will have to go without sugar. I can do it!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 5

This week didn't go so well. I stayed the same though which I am pretty happy with as I went out on Saturday night and had a few "lemonades" and McDonalds at 3am and I am now consequently getting sick. Damn cold air!

So now all I want is a truckload of orange juice and it is really really high in points. Hopefully it goes away before it starts and I can get back on track this week and pull a big number. I was really slack all week last week and it shows.

I am felling very unmotivated right now but I am still determined to get this weight off. I need to find the motivation I had a few weeks ago.

How are you all going?