Thursday, February 17, 2011

To free day or not to free day...

that is the question....

In my weight loss journey I have decided to follow the Body Trim principle. If you don't know what this is it is protein based so you have breakfast, lunch and dinner with three protein snacks in between. It works well for me.

Anyway in Body Trim you get one free day. Where you still eat your protein snacks but can have your treat. Which I like but the problem is that it just makes me get all of my cravings back again. So I am wondering if it is actually worth it as then I struggle to get back to eating the way I should be.

You are also suppose to eat protein only the day after your free day which I can never quite bring myself to do and maybe that is the problem.

Does anyone have a free day or free meal and how do you get back into the correct way of eating after this?


  1. My freebies are weekends. I eat to a plan all week, and then allow myself some indiscretions on weekends so that I can eat out with family and friends occasionally. I think it's all about mindfulness and will power to be honest. If you don't need or crave a freebie don't do it! Will power creates more will power which creates more will power ... or something like that ...
    Did you have your freebie in the end?

  2. I usually do 1 free day a week, but I also give myself a week off completely. I'll diet for 2-3 weeks straight and then the next week (or whenever I feel I really need it), I let myself relax.

    I also do high and low days. I'll do something like 1200 calories for 2 days and then 1700 the next day. It really helps me keep on track and they say doing it this way gives your body a jolt so that you hit fewer plateaus.

  3. Loving the responses, I'll be checking for more suggestions. It can be such a struggle to come back if you have a bit of a too big free day.

  4. I am also loving the responses. I did end up having my free day but still really struggle to get back into it. But I have since found out my cravings for greasy food is that my body is craving essential fatty acids. So I am thinking I might try some Omega 3 supplements.