Friday, December 31, 2010

So I have been a bit slack....

.... and haven't posted for over two weeks. Whoops! Where did the time go?

In realtion to my 21 days to change a habit. I did pretty good I think considering the time of year it is. I took all of my recommended supplements 90% of the time. I am really bad at taking the ones in the middle of the day cause I forget. I even carry them around in my bag for easy access but still forget to take them. I went two weeks without any takeaway which was massive. The first weekend was really hard cause that is what we usually do on a Friday night is grab takeout and watch some tv. But I made it through then come along Christmas and it was all out the window. I also managed to drink the two litres of water everyday but as for the others I didn't do those ones. I think it was a bad time of year to start this. Oh well tomorrow is a new day and a new year!

My main focus over the last week was to get my stress levels back down. I saw my naturopath/iridologist the week before Christmas and she told me my stress levels were back up again and that I really needed a break. This for me also affects my thyroid which is underactive anyway and blood pressure which is also not good. After a week off from work I still feel very stressed and I am trying hard to relax but it is just not working. Does anyone have any tips to help de-stress?

I'm not sure if you have noticed but my ticker hasn't moved since I started this blog a month ago. Mostly because the batteries in my scales are flat and the other is I am scared to weigh myself cause of the disappointment of not losing anything or god forbid putting more on. Anyway tomorrow is new years day and I am restarting my 365 days from tomorrow. My partner said he is going to lose some weight too which is great and makes it easier but he always loses it so damn quick!

My New Year resolution is to weigh myself each week and achieve this goal of 30kg in 365 days. I do like the idea of everyone's weigh in wednesday. Kind of forces you to be good over the weekend as well. I use to weigh myself on a friday and then go beserk over the weekend cause I thought I deserved it as I had been so good. I think I am going to do the wednesday from now on.

This was a bit of a random post but I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!


  1. It's a cliche but the Raymond always recommends exercise as a stress reliever, anti-depressant and overall wonderful thing... Back to the treadie for us in 2011.

    Great post! Welcome back.

  2. Hi Trina

    I am a friend of Mel's - we went to school together.

    I have struggled with weight loss for a lot of my adult life. A few years ago I got down to 69kgs but ofcourse, its all crept back on and mostly due to a recent diagnosis of hypothyroidism.

    I too fear the bathroom scales for the fact that I might be in for disappointment. I give in far too easily if I have worked so hard and get no results, I tend to just fold.

    All the best with your weight loss journey, hopefully 2011 will be your year (and mine).

  3. Hi Trina. Popped on over from Sugar Coat it. One of my goals this year is get some weight off too so i'd love to follow along and support you as well. Support i think it really important. All the best for 2011 :)

  4. OoOoOo what a fabulous goal!!

    My goal is weightloss this year as well! I aim to be 53.4kg lighter by the end of this year, it's going to be hard but I'm determined to do it!

    Good luck, I shall be following you on your journey!


  5. Thanks everyone for the great comments and support! I now have 9 followers wow! At first I was a bit scared of having people read my blogs but not anymore.

  6. Trina, surprisingly it is easier when you don't actually know the people. I ADORE the blogger love. :oP