Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Love that moment..

There is nothing better when your losing weight and trying so hard than the moment you pull on a pair of jeans that a few weeks earlier where ridiculously tight and they now pull up and do up easily. They are actually possibly even a bit too big...

This has happened to me this last week. I could barely do up my jeans before I started WW and now they do up so easily that within a short time I am hitching them up. Gotta love that!

The other moment is obviously getting on the scales and seeing that number go down!

What are your favourite moments?

Monday, July 25, 2011

WW Week 4

Four weeks have gone by and I have lost another 0.6kg, bringing my total to 5kg lost on WW. I am pretty happy with that and I have now reached one of my goals which was to get back under 110kg. I now weigh 109.5kg. I decided that I would share this number cause after all it is just a number and if I am afraid to share it then it rules me and not the other way around.

So the goal is to get back under the 100kg by Christmas so I think I can definately achieve that.

The losses have slowed down the last couple of weeks but I am happy to still lose half a kilo to a kilo each week but I am thinking this week is the week to start excercising. I haven't been excercising the last four as I thought while I was still losing good numbers I would keep just watching my points and bring the excercise in when it started to slow down. So this is the week to get back on the treadmill.

How is everyone else going? I haven't been the best over the last two weeks and I think it shows on the scales but I am happy that the number is still going down. I am going to be super duper good this week though as I am heading out on Saturday night for a big night and need to save all my bonus points and excercise points for that.

Friday, July 22, 2011

An unusual one

Over the last week or so I have noticed that my knickers keep sliding down my bottom... I am not sure why I haven't lost that much weight but I wonder if it is a bit like people without any boobs that is where the lose the weight first where as I have ample boobs but not a very big bum. Maybe it works that way for me...

Weird I know. Just thought I would share anyway. You know what they say sharing is caring.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The FAT photos!!!

Me in January 2011

Me the first week of starting WW

So I thought I would share some not so attractive photos of myself AKA the fat photos. I am doing this for a few reasons:

1. So I can compare photos as I start to lose the weight
2. Because I actually thought  I looked good on both of these occassions until I saw these horrible horrible photos.
3. To remind myself that I am never going back to this again.

I honestly can not believe I have got to this size, but on the other hand I also know that a lot of it was out of my control and now that I have everything sorted health wise. It is definately in my control and I am controlling it which is an awesome feeling.

I think I am going to post photos as I reach what I consider big milestones! This way I can see it and so can you!

I must say though if you are someone that cannot lose weight go to your doctor and ask questions ask if it possible for you to have various things. I honestly can say that I don't think I would be here losing this weight now if I hadn't asked these questions and pushed for it.

Sometimes it pays to be a pushy person!

Monday, July 18, 2011

WW Week 3

I am now three weeks in to weight watchers and the loss has started to slow down. I knew it had to happen eventually but I was hoping for one more week of a big number first. This week I lost 0.5kg. I am actually pretty happy with this as I had a few treats this week and struggled a lot.

I think the biggest thing I learnt this week is when to stop. Even though I was eating some naughty things I still wrote everything down and kept track of my points and when they were getting to high I would reign myself back in. I used some of my weekly points but not a lot considering. I even bought a chocolate bar and only ate half!!!! Now that is progress.

I also am yet to start to excercise. I decided that while I was having good losses without it I would continue this way until it slowed down and then add the excercise in. I am thinking I need to start doing this now but on the other hand I might wait just one more week.

I did however take my mesasurements which I havent done for a few months and I was pleasantly suprised. I have lost:
- 2cm off my bust
- 3cm off my waist
- 4cm off my hips
- 2cm off each leg

They are huge amounts. No wonder why my jeans which were very very tight when I started are now starting to fall down... Well not completely fall down but annoying enough that I need to hitch them up often.

So this week I plan to get back on track and be very good like I was the first two weeks and see if it makes a difference. I must say though I am extremely happy with my results to date and would definately recommend WW to anyone.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 17

This is the 17th day I have been doing the weight watchers pro points diet and I have had huge success in that I have lost 3.9kg in two weeks but this week I am struggling.

I just want all the stuff that I shouldn't have and I have had a couple of things like hot chips which is one of my biggest downfalls that and coffee milk. I have still calculated my points and only gone a couple over of my daily allowance which is allowed and I am just deducting them off my weekly points.

But I am just struggling to get my mind in the right place. This with the cold weather we are experiencing at the moment makes you just want a warm bed and comfort food.

So I have decided I just need to get back to it and make sure I eat within my points for the rest of the week because I am loving the huge numbers that I am losing at the moment. I am now 5kg down with 25kg to go on my goal. It seems like such a long way but I am breaking it down into smaller chunks and the goal is to lose another 15kg by Christmas which I worked out to be less than 0.70kg a week. I think that is definately achievable.

How do you all get through the struggling phase? I am suprised I am having it as it usually comes from a lack of results. Oh well I am just going to take each day as it comes.

Monday, July 11, 2011

WW Results Week 2

My second week is now over on WW and I proud to report that I lost another massive 1.3kg. I truly cannot believe how much success I have had the last two weeks with this. I wish I had done it a long time ago but I am here now and am on my weigh to achieving my goal of 30kg in 365days.

My success this week I think is a result of:
- I never once went over my daily allowance of points and I had a couple of treats in there I just worked them in
- I continue to weigh most things I eat.
- And most of all we didn't have any takeaway.

Takeaway I would say is our biggest downfall. On the weekends we just couldn't be bothered to cook so buy dinner or lunch which costs us a fortune and is not good for the waistline either. I think preparation is the key. I went shopping on Saturday and bought a chicken and one of those yummy chicken in a bag things and put everything in there and put it in the oven. Saturday night dinner was as simple as that and yummy too.

I also think the fact that I weigh in on a Monday helps me stay focused and watch what I eat over the weekend.

How did your week go?

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I have never had so much traffic on my little blog but a big thanks to my beautiful cousin over at Suger Coat It. I am loving all of the positive comments and I have even gained some followers.

Although I now feel a bit of pressure as to what to write and to make sure I post often. I am thinking that was Melissa's plan all along (to have me post more often that is).

It has certainly been a long road to get here and I am glad I found something that works. I am soo very tempted to hop on the scales and see how I have gone since Monday but I keep saying no. It is a much better suprise if you do it once a week. I am however finding my pants getting more comfortable (I won't say loose cause they are not there yet) which is awesome.

The thing now is to try and find some dinner recipes that are yummy but not too high in points as well. I am fine with the meat and salad or veges at the moment but my partner is complaining and wants some variety. So I need to search the web I think. Does anyone have some favourite dishes to share or a good website to check out?

Monday, July 4, 2011

The moment of truth...

I think the worst part about watching your weight or dieting as you may like to call it is the weighing in part. You have so many expectations but you also don't want to put too much pressure on yourself. I am not sure if this sounds like you or not but it is definately me.

So this morning was weigh in time. I had been doing WW for a week and I think I had done well in sticking to everything and I had a goal in mind but I was determined to be happy with whatever. So I got on the scales and didn't believe what they said the first time so I got off and got back on and Yep they said the same thing. I had lost a massive 2.6kg which is awesome for me as I have struggled with this for so long. This had even blown my expectation out of the water by an entire kilogram.

From the last time I updated my weight on here it is 1.7kg. I am so incredibly proud of myself. But also don't want to get too excited incase next week is a fizzer.

So what I have learnt this week is:
1. It is so easy to do.
2. I still eat the same things just in moderation.
3. I can not eat Weet-bix for breakfast as they make me hungry constantly for the rest of the day
4. If I know I am doing something on the weekend I make sure I only eat my daily points every other day.
5. I find it important to weigh things I am so incredibly out with what I think it would be.

Did anyone else having any successes this week? Or if you have had a bad week let me know too as I have had them myself and am happy to hear those too.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 5

So I am five days in and I feel pretty good. I actually don't feel like I am on a diet at all. I just work things around to work in my allowed points and I am proud to say I haven't gone over once. Yay for me!

I did very much want a home made hamburger the other night when we had rissoles but I didn't have enough points so I settled for rissoles and veges instead and I was ok with that.

I have been making sure I drink plenty of water and my headache went after the second day. Previously I was a sucker for Ice Coffee and I would buy one most mornings so I would say that is where my headache come from the lack of caffeine and sugar.

I am also loving eating more fruit. I am enjoying the mandarines and grapes at the moment. And I haven't had a sneak peak at the scales yet either I am really bad at that usually. I am staying strong though and waiting until Monday morning.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend