Thursday, February 3, 2011

C25km Challenge

So I started the C25km Challenge last wednesday and I thought I have been doing pretty good, I had to extend the recovery time in between my one minute running as there was no way I was ready after the 90 seconds rest time you are supposed to have.

This was working pretty well then I discovered yesterday that my treadmill actually has a 5km challenge program on it so I selected that one thinking that I would be able to increase and decrease my speed as I wanted to for the 30 minutes. Well I was WRONG....

The treadmill kept putting the incline up so it went up to 1 which was fine. I can deal with 1. Then it went up to 3 and I thought it's a challenge I can run and walk at 3 so I did. Then it goes back down to zero incline and I thought phew I can do this if that is all its going to do.

Again I was wrong... It went up to 7 incline and I ran at the 7 for a minute and decided that was enough and swapped back to my normal program. It would have been ok but the treadmill wouldn't allow me to take the incline down. Stupid thing.

So today when I hopped on the treadmill to go again I did not select the 5km challenge I selected my normal one but noticed that I caught my breath much faster than the day before and could do the 90 second rest break. But my legs were and still are sooooooooo sore though from my escapades yesterday. That's what I get for going lets see what this does. Lol!

I am determined to do that 5km challenge but maybe once I can actually already run 5km....

Does anyone else have any excercise blunders? I would certainly be interested in hearing them.


  1. How do I check out the cto5km challenge? I went for a jog/run a couple of days ago. Only did about 3kms and it was hard. Love to try to do 5kms .... that would be a dream!

  2. This is one of the websites I was given by my cousin but if you have facebook just search Couch to 5km as they also have a facebook page with some other links etc.

  3. MY life is one big exercise blunder. Haha.

    I stepped off the side of the treadmill the other day.

    And don't forget the time I got up early to walk and sorta dozed off and fell off the back.