Tuesday, December 14, 2010

21 days to change a habit

I have read and been told numerous times that it takes 21 days to break a habit and make a new one. I bought this cool little book  when I was shopping over the weekend were you list the habits you want to change and tick off the days you do it and what you will reward yourself with at the end of it. I decided that this would be a good way to keep on track.

So over the next twenty-one days I am going to:
  • Refrain from eating any form of take out (this I think is my biggest downfall particularly on weekends)
  • Eat a protein breakfast everyday i.e. eggs on toast
  • Take all the supplements as recommended by my naturopath/iridoligist (I am really bad at remembering this)
  • Do some form of excercise everyday. Even if I can only fit in ten minutes
  • Drink two litres of water every day
I think that is enough to work on for a start. I read once in the best life diet book that you should only choose a few things to change at a time. So these are my few things some of these I think will be hard and others will be easy.

What habits would you like to change? I challenge you to do this with me and let me know the results. I will let you know how I have faired each week. I am starting today.

P.S. Tam here is your mention as requested. And Melissa I was told to tell you to Suger Coat that!


  1. Hahahaa. Oh be quiet Tam you big sooky la lah. Big post coming right up. MUCH better than a PS. :oP

    Great post Trina. Go you!

  2. It's not like I could really put him in a proper post although he said it would be fine if I said he was fat as long as I mentioned him. Too funny!