Friday, December 31, 2010

So I have been a bit slack....

.... and haven't posted for over two weeks. Whoops! Where did the time go?

In realtion to my 21 days to change a habit. I did pretty good I think considering the time of year it is. I took all of my recommended supplements 90% of the time. I am really bad at taking the ones in the middle of the day cause I forget. I even carry them around in my bag for easy access but still forget to take them. I went two weeks without any takeaway which was massive. The first weekend was really hard cause that is what we usually do on a Friday night is grab takeout and watch some tv. But I made it through then come along Christmas and it was all out the window. I also managed to drink the two litres of water everyday but as for the others I didn't do those ones. I think it was a bad time of year to start this. Oh well tomorrow is a new day and a new year!

My main focus over the last week was to get my stress levels back down. I saw my naturopath/iridologist the week before Christmas and she told me my stress levels were back up again and that I really needed a break. This for me also affects my thyroid which is underactive anyway and blood pressure which is also not good. After a week off from work I still feel very stressed and I am trying hard to relax but it is just not working. Does anyone have any tips to help de-stress?

I'm not sure if you have noticed but my ticker hasn't moved since I started this blog a month ago. Mostly because the batteries in my scales are flat and the other is I am scared to weigh myself cause of the disappointment of not losing anything or god forbid putting more on. Anyway tomorrow is new years day and I am restarting my 365 days from tomorrow. My partner said he is going to lose some weight too which is great and makes it easier but he always loses it so damn quick!

My New Year resolution is to weigh myself each week and achieve this goal of 30kg in 365 days. I do like the idea of everyone's weigh in wednesday. Kind of forces you to be good over the weekend as well. I use to weigh myself on a friday and then go beserk over the weekend cause I thought I deserved it as I had been so good. I think I am going to do the wednesday from now on.

This was a bit of a random post but I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

21 days to change a habit

I have read and been told numerous times that it takes 21 days to break a habit and make a new one. I bought this cool little book  when I was shopping over the weekend were you list the habits you want to change and tick off the days you do it and what you will reward yourself with at the end of it. I decided that this would be a good way to keep on track.

So over the next twenty-one days I am going to:
  • Refrain from eating any form of take out (this I think is my biggest downfall particularly on weekends)
  • Eat a protein breakfast everyday i.e. eggs on toast
  • Take all the supplements as recommended by my naturopath/iridoligist (I am really bad at remembering this)
  • Do some form of excercise everyday. Even if I can only fit in ten minutes
  • Drink two litres of water every day
I think that is enough to work on for a start. I read once in the best life diet book that you should only choose a few things to change at a time. So these are my few things some of these I think will be hard and others will be easy.

What habits would you like to change? I challenge you to do this with me and let me know the results. I will let you know how I have faired each week. I am starting today.

P.S. Tam here is your mention as requested. And Melissa I was told to tell you to Suger Coat that!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tomorrow is a new day!

I never before thought I was an emotional eater. I just thought I was lazy cause I couldnt be bothered to cook and it was easier to order takeout or pick on chips and biscuits or whatever was in the cupboard.

I thought this because before moving three years ago my partner and I lived with my parents and brother as we were all saving to go overseas for my sister's wedding. So most nights my Mum or Dad would cook and we would come home from work and have a nice reasonably healthy dinner. We didnt really eat take out cause we couldn't afford to as we were saving all our pennies. Our take out would be a couple of nice pieces of steak from woolies and a couple hundred grams of green prawns and we would make steak and garlic prawns for a total of $15 or oven chips and chicken wings.

This week I was extremely annoyed at something at my work and decided I wanted McDonalds so I went and got some. I have also had quite a few ice coffees this week as well. So I realised I am an emotional eater. It also made me look back to the last eighteen months of our life where we built a house, argued with mortgage brokers and my partner had quite a serious work accident and realised that I ate away at the stress. Most people lose weight from this but not me I put it on!

I was so good last week too I wanted bad things and at one point I text my partner going I want something naughty talk me out of it and he replied just think of the photos on the fridge. This worked and I ate my protein snacks and got through it. But this week it did not work and consequently I have not been good :-(

Now that I discovered and admitted that I am an emotional eater I can look out for signs and work on not succumbing. Are you an emotional eater? If so how did you or are you getting past it?

Anyway tomorrow is a new day and I am determined to not wait until next week and get back on track straight away.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Motivation + Desire = Results

I recently completed a course in frontline management and one of the things the teacher said that stuck out for me was Motivation + Desire = Results. So basically you cant have one without the other if you want to succeed.

I certainly have the desire but often lack the motivation to get the results. I have done many things to try and keep myself motivated including hanging one of my favourite dresses in my walk in so i see it everyday; putting skinny photos of me on the fridge; setting goals by events that are coming up etc etc. I will go good for a while doing this but then get on the scales and the numbers don't go down and so I say well whats the point in putting in all that effort for that tiny weight loss or none at all.

I do also have the added motivation that my blood pressure is borderline and I might need to start taking medication for this sooner rather than later which I would rather not do but may not be avoided as it is also hereditary. But then on the otherside my thyroid doesn't function properly so I struggle to lose the weight.

So my question is how do you motivate yourself to keep you going and get the results you are after.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why is it so?


Why is it that when it rains all you want is a nice hot sausage roll or something equally warm and equally bad for you? That and wanting to curl up on your couch and watch a movie or read a book. Does this happen to you or is it just me?

All I felt like today was a nice sausage and coffee milk. But I refrained I had a chicken and cheese toasted sandwich instead. Probably not the best option but it did the trick. My problem was I started this week without really preparing anything for lunches and snacks so I didn't need to eat too many carbs. It may have had something to do with my work Christmas party being on the weekend and I didn't feel like doing anything at all on Sunday.

I have been pretty good so far except for lunches as I have had sandwiches and that is probably to many carbs for me. But I am determined to cook up some meals and freeze them in portions for lunches this weekend as I get sick of eating salads and need the variety.

I hope the rain goes away and we get some nice summer weather soon I want to go to the beach and salads are much nicer on the warmer days.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And so it begins...

Today is the first day (well yesterday actually as I am a bit late in posting this) of achieving my goal of losing 30kg in one year.

So to tell you a bit about myself I recently turned 27, have a wonderful partner, a massive family and I have progressively put on approximately thirty kilograms over the last three years. Sad huh? So I decided I am not turning another year older this size. I am going to trim down and stay down for good!

I have taken my measurements and weighed myself. The batteries are now flat in my home scales so I can't keep hopping on them which is a good thing.

So please join me in my journey and share my successes and failures.