Monday, July 4, 2011

The moment of truth...

I think the worst part about watching your weight or dieting as you may like to call it is the weighing in part. You have so many expectations but you also don't want to put too much pressure on yourself. I am not sure if this sounds like you or not but it is definately me.

So this morning was weigh in time. I had been doing WW for a week and I think I had done well in sticking to everything and I had a goal in mind but I was determined to be happy with whatever. So I got on the scales and didn't believe what they said the first time so I got off and got back on and Yep they said the same thing. I had lost a massive 2.6kg which is awesome for me as I have struggled with this for so long. This had even blown my expectation out of the water by an entire kilogram.

From the last time I updated my weight on here it is 1.7kg. I am so incredibly proud of myself. But also don't want to get too excited incase next week is a fizzer.

So what I have learnt this week is:
1. It is so easy to do.
2. I still eat the same things just in moderation.
3. I can not eat Weet-bix for breakfast as they make me hungry constantly for the rest of the day
4. If I know I am doing something on the weekend I make sure I only eat my daily points every other day.
5. I find it important to weigh things I am so incredibly out with what I think it would be.

Did anyone else having any successes this week? Or if you have had a bad week let me know too as I have had them myself and am happy to hear those too.


  1. wooo!! Well done Trina, that is an amazing loss! You have been following the program so well and really deserve it. Great work :)

  2. nice work trina - I'm avoiding the scales today, we will see tomorrow.

  3. Good stuff, Trina!
    I did alright this week - down 700g. Feeling great!

  4. YAY! Excellent first week, for sure. Kicked it's butt. I'm so excited. Check your ticker out...! Shifting. So happy for you hun. You have no idea. :oD

  5. wow, congrats!!! here's to the amazing loss continuing!!


  6. What an awesome achievement, Congrats and good luck for the next week :)

    Hayley ( Our Unique Journey)

  7. Well done. That is an amazing effort.
    Love the blog (sent by suger)

  8. Congratulations on your loss! Well done, very inspiring. I lost 0.7kg this week and was ecstatic. Had a bad week so it was a surprise. Back on track now though.

  9. Good luck on the rest of your journey, Trina. You've taken the first step (LEAP!) and you are on your way. Just never give up giving up. x