Thursday, April 28, 2011

Carnarvon Gorge

One of my things to achieve this year was to go somewhere at Easter we had never been before. I am happy to report that we did this and we went to Carnarvon Gorge. We have been wanting to go for a while but it is a fair drive from home and this year with it being a five day break we thought now was as good a time as any.

It was good, not necessarily to our interests but good none the less. There are a lot of bush walks ranging from 500 metres to 22km. For some insane reason we decided to do the 22km bush walk and I must say it was hard work. It was more of the rock hopping across the creeks than anything that was difficult and consequently probably the reason why I now have two swollen and brusied ankles.

But it was certainly one way to burn off all the Easter chocolate we ate. By the time we got back I could barely move I was so exhausted. We have now vowed not to take on something like that again it was a bit much. Maybe next time we will just do the 12kms like initially planned.

Oh did I mention I also fell on my bum??? Craig had told me to be careful it was slippery and I was and then lifted my foot to go onto the rock to cross the creek and next thing I know I am on my butt!! It certainly gave us a few laughs.

Did anyone else do anything exciting at Easter?

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  1. Well done on the massive hike!! And on taking something off your list for the year.

    Perhaps, yes, the shorter one next time and work up to it. ;)