Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ninjago Lego

So I am going out of my box here and not talking about weightloss and going to talk about something else on this blog. I have often thought about it but thought it just didn't fit right but lots of people do it so I decided what the hell. This way I have more to write about.

So here we go as of late I have started to think of Christmas presents for our neices and nephews. I know it is super early but I always leave it until the last minute and we are saving to go on a long planned holiday next year so are madly saving for that. Anyway I was checking out this new Ninjago Lego for our nephews who are 10 and 11 at the shop and couldn't work out how it worked as there was a game involved there somehow.

So I googled it and it actual kinda cool, you can buy a starter pack which gives you two characters, a fighting ring as such, fighting tools, a character card and four battle cards for each character. And you fight with them using whatever tools are on your card and using the battle cards.

And the best part about it I think is I can buy the starter pack for $30 and then you can just collect your characters and battle cards as you go along and buy one everyone now and then for not a lot of money. They also have extra buildings etc that you can buy for different "fighting scenes" as well so you can really spend as much or as little as you want. So I am first checking that one of them doesn't have any of this as they don't live near us and then I might buy some every now and then leading into Christmas and it won't break my budget.

I can't wait though I want to play with it. We all know kids love lego. Even big kids like me!! Who else out there loves lego? It has been so long since I played with it. We always end up playing with the kids toys at Christmas time it is so much fun!!

PS: This is not a sponsored post it is just something I thought I would share.

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