Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Night

I have been good the last few days but tonight I just want to eat for the sake of eating. Why is it that way?

Often Friday night is our takeout night but as I am trying to be good we are cooking dinner but all I want to do is pick just out of boredom or habit I am not sure which one.

Anyway I am staying strong. I bought myself WW icecream at the grocery store on my way home so I can have an after dinner treat.

How do you deal with this desire to just eat?


  1. I hate to go all preachy but it disappears when you quit sugar. Really. You only eat when hungry and don't get cravings.

    Otherwise hang tough. Grit your teeth and make it through. YOU CAN DO THIS. xo

  2. Hang in there Trina. I too am quitting sugar (well I should say cutting it down) I still eat fruit. But not sugar in anything else.

    You have been 'Tagged' in my 10 Things about me you don't want to know post. Now it's your turn to fess up... ...