Monday, June 6, 2011

An update...

So I have been slack again the story of my life I know and I havent been back to Curves in a while. I intend to go back this afternoon in time to make the Zumba circuit which I missed last week because I hadnt been in so long they had changed the time. Whoops!

I need to do something though and really lack the motivation but my partner wants to lose some weight as well so we are going to do it together after the long weekend as we are going camping to test out our new tent and roof rack which we have been waiting for for months! Yay another thing crossed off our list for things to do in 2011.

On the upside I am sleeping a lot better and seem to have more energy through the day rather than being bone tired all the time. My body is even waking me up around 5am every morning I just need to drag it out of my nice warm bed and get on the treadmill and do my excercise.

See you soon

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  1. I hope you make it to the class this afternoon.