Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Motivation + Desire = Results

I recently completed a course in frontline management and one of the things the teacher said that stuck out for me was Motivation + Desire = Results. So basically you cant have one without the other if you want to succeed.

I certainly have the desire but often lack the motivation to get the results. I have done many things to try and keep myself motivated including hanging one of my favourite dresses in my walk in so i see it everyday; putting skinny photos of me on the fridge; setting goals by events that are coming up etc etc. I will go good for a while doing this but then get on the scales and the numbers don't go down and so I say well whats the point in putting in all that effort for that tiny weight loss or none at all.

I do also have the added motivation that my blood pressure is borderline and I might need to start taking medication for this sooner rather than later which I would rather not do but may not be avoided as it is also hereditary. But then on the otherside my thyroid doesn't function properly so I struggle to lose the weight.

So my question is how do you motivate yourself to keep you going and get the results you are after.


  1. Lucy (of Diminishing Lucy) always says one day, one step, 100 grams at a time. Better you start now than in 12 months time.

    That helps sometimes.

  2. My motivation IS my desire. My desire to be healthy, and back to my healthy weight. It's tough most days, and I do struggle, but I don't want to live like this forever, so I keep going!