Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tomorrow is a new day!

I never before thought I was an emotional eater. I just thought I was lazy cause I couldnt be bothered to cook and it was easier to order takeout or pick on chips and biscuits or whatever was in the cupboard.

I thought this because before moving three years ago my partner and I lived with my parents and brother as we were all saving to go overseas for my sister's wedding. So most nights my Mum or Dad would cook and we would come home from work and have a nice reasonably healthy dinner. We didnt really eat take out cause we couldn't afford to as we were saving all our pennies. Our take out would be a couple of nice pieces of steak from woolies and a couple hundred grams of green prawns and we would make steak and garlic prawns for a total of $15 or oven chips and chicken wings.

This week I was extremely annoyed at something at my work and decided I wanted McDonalds so I went and got some. I have also had quite a few ice coffees this week as well. So I realised I am an emotional eater. It also made me look back to the last eighteen months of our life where we built a house, argued with mortgage brokers and my partner had quite a serious work accident and realised that I ate away at the stress. Most people lose weight from this but not me I put it on!

I was so good last week too I wanted bad things and at one point I text my partner going I want something naughty talk me out of it and he replied just think of the photos on the fridge. This worked and I ate my protein snacks and got through it. But this week it did not work and consequently I have not been good :-(

Now that I discovered and admitted that I am an emotional eater I can look out for signs and work on not succumbing. Are you an emotional eater? If so how did you or are you getting past it?

Anyway tomorrow is a new day and I am determined to not wait until next week and get back on track straight away.


  1. I am totally an emotional eater, too. I don't know when I became one though - I used to NEVER eat when I was upset or stressed. I wish I could go back to those days. haha

  2. Oh my god yes. I am such an I deserve it/Will treat myself eater.