Tuesday, January 4, 2011

10 things to do in 2011

I thought I would follow along and do a post of what I want to achieve in 2011. It started off as 20 things to do but couldn't come up with that many so 10 it is:
  • Lose 30 kilograms (obviously)
  • Put up fence and work on gardens - we have only been in our house for 14 months and not done this. Maybe if I am lucky I will be allowed to get a dog (wink wink nudge nudge)
  • Visit the Bundaberg Rum Factory -I dont drink the stuff but it is not that far away so I want to check it out
  • Go somewhere at Easter we have never been before
  • Get oz tent and roof rack before Easter and then go camping once a month
  • Crapbook more often and dare I say finally finish our overseas trip photos from more than three years ago - This is scrapbook for all the others out there but in our family this is what we call it because we have so much crap
  • Go for picnics more often - I dont know about you but this is something we use to do all the time but never seem to do anymore.
  • Go to movie world. I have never been there and always wanted to go. Anyone want to come with me cause I am not sure Craig will want to join in on this one.
  • Send out or give birthday cards to our immediate family and special others. I am always so slack when it comes to this.
  • Re-instate date night with Melissa at Suger Coat It
So those are my ten things. Melissa I will have to get you to help me do a fancy thing down the side so I can cross these off as I go along.

I don't know about anyone else but 2010 went way to fast and I honestly can not say what I actually achieved so this is a good way to help me keep track.


  1. Nice list - hope you have heaps of fun achieving it all.

  2. Ooooo. Date night returns!!! Woo. Awesome.

  3. Thought you would like the return of date night. What do you want to go see first?