Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday!!!!

So I weighed myself this morning as per my new years resolution to do this each Wednesday and I am the same as I was when I started this at the end of November.Which I am not disappointed about at all because I just had what I wanted over the Christmas break and holidays.

I did find though that I can definately not eat as much and I was leaving food on my plate cause I was full and didn't want anymore. You may not know but this is a massive breakthrough for me. Yay!

Well here is hoping that next Wednesday I have a loss to report and then I will have to work out how to  move my ticker along.... Oh well gotta love a challenge!


  1. Its good to be able to maintain - especially over the christmas season. I'd say well done!!

  2. WOW! Well done you. Gosh, I am terrified of my post Xmas weigh in.

  3. I too have stopped finishing everything on my plate. I used to eat everything because well it was there! Now as soon as I start to feel full - I stop.

    Congrats on not gaining any weight over Chrissy!!