Friday, January 28, 2011

Three days in..

So I am three days in to my mainly protein eating plan and I feel pretty good. I have had my moments where I feel a bit ill but all in all I feel pretty good. I have been having one slice of toast with my eggs for breakfast the last couple of mornings as I find this alleviate the massive carb depleted headache which is great.

I have always been a sucker for coffee milk and drink way to much of this so I have substituted it for a coffee flavoured protein shake which works well for me. The best part of it all is I haven't had any cravings. I bought a couple of the Atkins low carb bars just in case I had that sweet craving but I haven't. Yay this is what I wanted.

I have also had cake in the house as well as chocolate that I bought for the other half and have not touched it. I haven't even wanted it. Amazing!!

I am determined to keep on going and I worked out the other day that I only need to lose 0.7kg per week to achieve my goal before the year is out. This is definately achievable. Breaking it down this way helps me.

I hope everyone else is having as much success.


  1. Yay you. Isn't it amazing to have yummy stuff around and not want it! I've been getting that too lately. Keep it up - ur doing great!

  2. Well done! So we will find out Wednesday how you went on the scales, but did you sneaky look? I'm just curious!

    Well done you! Have you done day 2 yet? #C25k

  3. I completed day 2 yesterday. It is hard work but I am determined. I worked out twelve weeks is around Easter so that is my goal.

    I did have a snaeky look but not telling you will have to wait until Wednesday to find out :-P

  4. Haha. Go you. Am on hold until I have new runners. Too much pain otherwise. Went back to curves today. And walked into a Zumba class/circuit. GOSH. Hard much.

    Can't wait to hear your result!