Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Love that moment..

There is nothing better when your losing weight and trying so hard than the moment you pull on a pair of jeans that a few weeks earlier where ridiculously tight and they now pull up and do up easily. They are actually possibly even a bit too big...

This has happened to me this last week. I could barely do up my jeans before I started WW and now they do up so easily that within a short time I am hitching them up. Gotta love that!

The other moment is obviously getting on the scales and seeing that number go down!

What are your favourite moments?


  1. Yay for you! I was thinking the same thing today - going to have to get some new jeans. I'm with you - I love watching the numbers go down and having to buy smaller clothes. I thought I would enjoy people noticing more but that just makes me feel uncomfortable... I'm still unsure whether to say "thanks, I've been trying really hard" or pass it off as a I don't have to admit that I have been trying. What to do??

  2. That's so cool! Great for you.

    Hmmm..well, its great when you find your favorite veggies and fruit at their best at the farmer's market.