Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The FAT photos!!!

Me in January 2011

Me the first week of starting WW

So I thought I would share some not so attractive photos of myself AKA the fat photos. I am doing this for a few reasons:

1. So I can compare photos as I start to lose the weight
2. Because I actually thought  I looked good on both of these occassions until I saw these horrible horrible photos.
3. To remind myself that I am never going back to this again.

I honestly can not believe I have got to this size, but on the other hand I also know that a lot of it was out of my control and now that I have everything sorted health wise. It is definately in my control and I am controlling it which is an awesome feeling.

I think I am going to post photos as I reach what I consider big milestones! This way I can see it and so can you!

I must say though if you are someone that cannot lose weight go to your doctor and ask questions ask if it possible for you to have various things. I honestly can say that I don't think I would be here losing this weight now if I hadn't asked these questions and pushed for it.

Sometimes it pays to be a pushy person!


  1. Awesome work Trina, it pays to look back at the before photos when you are struggling or when you hit a milestone for inspiration!

  2. Oh god, I took both of these photos. :o/ Sorry! But I look forward to taking many more gorgeous photos of you in the future. Love you!

    {Plus the DSLR is a bit harsh, shows EVERYTHING, stinker}