Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 6

Well week 6 didn't really happen. As I mentioned last week I was sick and just didn't have the energy by the time I got home to bother cooking so I am giving myself a mulligan (a do over) for week 6 in the coming week.

I also kind of lost my motivation but had a well timed visit to the naturopath/iridologist on Saturday and got some long awaited news. EVERYTHING IS NORMAL!!!

It has taken me a good twelve months to get to this point and I had wondered if it was worth keeping going but sometimes it is almost like a therapy session just to get things off your chest that are bothering you and why isn't is working etc etc. But we finally made it.

And basically it comes down to Weight Watchers. I had an appointment the Saturday before I started and my zinc, potassium, iron levels were low. My sugar was irratic along with a few other issues and this time they were all up and balanced. My thyroid has even come back it is no longer underactive.

This is a huge relief because for me this journey is not just about the weight loss and more about getting myself healthy as I felt as though I was falling apart at a young age and wondered what it would be like in ten years time. This I think really is the key. The weight loss should be a by product of getting healthy not the sole focus.

So I am determined to definately get back on track. The next goal is to hit the 10km loss mark and hopefully fit into another pair of jeans.

I am going to use this as my motivation to keep on going!

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  1. Hey Trina,

    Glad to hear you had such good news!
    I wish you all the best at getting back on track. I'm sure you will be fine. When I first started weight watchers I went on holiday to Mexico for 5 weeks and totally didn't stay on track... I did manage to get back on track once I got home and now I've lost a total of 14kg! So hang in there! You can do it :)