Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is hard work!!!

I have decided that losing weight is hard work. It is like a second job and one you think about constantly... Well I do anyway.

I had a great week last week but the previous three I hadn't lost anything and this week I have found it hard so far to stay motivated to eat well. I have been keeping myself in check although I did treat myself with a piece of cheesecake on Monday night as I had been craving it all last week and I had told myself if I get through the week then I will have it on Monday so I did.

And let me tell you it was awesome but I found I didn't even need to eat it all half was enough which is amazing as I looooooooooooove cheesecake. Not really the best thing to say when I am talking about weight loss but I even planned for it so I had enough points in my daily allowance that day to cover for it. Yay!

But I find it hard work. Does anyone else feel this way? I am determined to lose the weight to a point where I feel comfortable. I am not sure I will ever be in the healthy weight range for my height because my family is just not made that way but I want to be a healthy comfortable weight for me! So that is what I am aiming for that and to get my health back on track.

I am going to hang in there and I find Weight Watchers very easy to maintain I just get very frustrated and wish it would all disappear already! At least the first 10kg mark would be wonderful.

Maybe I am looking at this the wrong way. Maybe I need to think it is easy and it will happen. How do you think of it to get you through?

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  1. I think it takes focus and determination. That is for sure! Hang in there, you're doing great. VERY inspiring. xo